Grad at Sheridan June 2014
Best thing to say to an asshole when pissed off.
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So I met this guy off Plenty of FIsh back around Halloween 2013….long story short we saw each other about twice in 2013…anyway he kept bailing on me and kept making up bullshit excuses as to why he couldn’t show up to the dates he kept planning with me. His excuse every single fucking time would be because his mommy & daddy wouldn’t let him out when he’s fucking 20 years old! Seriously…that’s the lamest fucking excuse I”ve ever heard.

Anyway to make a long story short he would play head games with me and message me almost every week that he didn’t see me. He went pretty much 2 weeks without seeing me and then 2 weeks later he would message me and he would see me whenever it was fucking convenient for him. We ended up staying over night in his car for 11 hours…I was actually surprised the guy never did anything to me since I thought he was wanting to get sexual with me….I mean what guy doesn’t do that when he says like 11 hours in the car with a girl all alone in an isolated parking lot?

Anyway…he stopped seeing me for 6 months after that…and he stopped talking to me. He even had the nerve to unfriend me on facebook and delete me off bbm.. So that was the first part of the story and that’s not even that bad.

I was still on Plenty of Fish.,..about 6 months later and he ended up messaging me in May of 2014 (this year) telling me that “he was sorry that he stopped talking to me and that he was going through a rough patch in his life, and that he didn’t expect a reply so don’t feel obligated to reply…” and then he was like “I do want to thank you for giving me the chance though.” Stupid gullible me, I fell for his sorry ass bullshit and ended up replying. I think I felt sorry for him since the guy said he had left his parents for 2 months & he ran out of cash so he had to go back and live with them.

Then he asked me if seeing me was an option again, and I”m like yeah sure I guess…so he saw me twice…pretending to be nice even offered to fix my computer screen for me…and put my files onto my new computer…and I’m like there’s no way I’m going to let some guy who’s not even my boyfriend look through my personal computer files.

I saw him one last time after that…and I told him that I would be out of town for a month, and that I would be back in the area in June…we ended up talking for about a month on facebook…and I asked him how his schedule was and if he could see me again. His excuse? “I have responsiblities and I work…” he never actually did get back to me about his schedule.

Then after about 6 weeks of talking he decided he wanted nothing to do with me, and messaged me on BBM saying that “Talking to me was nothing but dramatic and that I took a day to respond to his bullshit messages which was way too long, and that things never would have worked out between us cuz he wasted his time dealing with me, and then he’s like anyways good luck with your career.” Before I even had the chance to respond the asshole unfriended me off facebook a second time & deleted me off BBM before I could even reply.

I tried calling him from an unknown number to explain myself and then he picked up didn’t say anything…I said hello, and then he hung up on me.


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